The Science-Learning Portfolio

Serving as an on-line repository for student-generated data, the Science-Learning Portfolio allows students in multiple laboratory sections to enter, store, and subsequently share data collected during the course of several inquiry-based investigations conducted at the Foundation level. As data accumulate, students may retrieve all, or a subset of contributions made in current, as well as previous quarters, to increase the rigor of their statistical analyses or to identify data trends that require extended periods of time to develop. Web-access to the Portfolio also ensures that students can continue to use this rich data source to support learning as they progress through their academic program and mature in their abilities. Through the use of concept and skill modules, they will have the opportunity to revisit these rich and familiar data sets to complete activities designed to extend their conceptual understanding and quantitative skills in a variety of new, but related contexts.

Eight datasets are currently available through the Science-Learning Portfolio and all individuals possessing a Cal Poly Pomona intranet account may access the Portfolio and retrieve data related to one of the subject areas described below. However, due to security concerns, only those students currently enrolled in a participatory Foundations of Biology laboratory course are permitted to enter new data. To access the Portfolio, click on the link below. After reaching the “biology kiosk” select one of the investigations listed.

Click to login to the Science-Learning Portfolio Subject Areas Descriptions
Plant Growth Fermentation
Enzymes Cardiovascular Function
Metabolism Decomposition
Diffusion Climate Change