New and Current Faculty Development

Cal Poly Pomona was founded on the principle of “learn-by-doing”. Consequently, most courses in the sciences blend lecture instruction with hands-on activities in the laboratory, and all faculty members are involved in the teaching process. However, learning about and taking advantage of recent advances in the sciences and science education to build continuity, consistency, and vision across the curriculum and disciplines is necessary to meet our goal of being a learning centered institution.

Two initiatives are supported under this program component:

  • A New Faculty Position in Bioinformatics: As a rapid growth area that crosses many disciplinary boundaries, a new faculty hire in bioinformatics has enabled the Department of Biological Sciences to build on its strengths in the Biotechnology major, stimulated the formation of several interdisciplinary collaborations among biologists and computational scientists from different departments, and created new research and classroom opportunities for undergraduate, as well as graduate students.
  • Annual Faculty Retreats: Following a model that has worked well for the Department of Biological Sciences in the past, HHMI funds are currently being used to support a series of retreats during which faculty are fully engaged in tackling topics of shared interest. Facilitated and led by professionals, retreats provide focused opportunities for faculty to learn about and exchange ideas regarding best practices that will enhance their teaching and research activities and promote student learning.