We Welcome A New Bioinformaticist To Our Faculty

HHMI funds were instrumental in bringing Dr. Wely Floriano Dr. Wely Floriano to our campus in the Fall of 2005. Her expertise in bioinformatics provides a unique opportunity for students to utilize databases in the solution of many contemporary problems in molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics; while also fostering new interdisciplinary collaborations among biologists and computational scientists in the departments of chemistry, physics, and computer science, as well as electrical and computer engineering. Dr. Floriano's current research interests focus on the molecular basis of smell and taste recognition.

In a very short time, Dr. Floriano has established herself as an effective teacher, productive scientist, and capable researcher as her accomplishments since 2005 demonstrate.

  • Establishment of the first bioinformatics laboratory on campus. Powered by a high performance computer cluster, students may access state-of-the-art, research quality software from one of 9 computer stations located in the laboratory or work from remote sites. High performance computer cluster in bioinformatics lab Student working in bioinformatics lab
  • Revision and new course development in Advanced Cell Biology (BIO 535), Bioinformatics (BIO 459/459L), Cell and Molecular Biology (BIO 310).
  • Research collaborations with colleagues from the Monell Chemical Senses Center and from the Colleges of Science and Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona.
  • Research mentoring of 9 undergraduate students and 3 graduate students.
  • Peer-reviewed research publications in the Journal of Molecular Modeling and the Journal of Biological Chemistry.
  • Grant proposals to the NIH-SCORE (funded $280,000) and NSF-CAREER (pending) programs.
  • Peer Reviewer for the journals Chemical Senses and the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.
  • Participation in conferences and workshops including BIOCOMP06, QEM, and CSUPERB.