Pre-college and Outreach Programs

HHMI funds have been instrumental in supporting the development and implementation of new precollege and outreach programs that serve to link University faculty in the sciences with secondary school teachers and their students. Kelleen Chea, a senior majoring in chemistry, helps a high school student with an experiment during the Chemistry Institute at Cal Poly Pomona. Through a shared research experience, these programs engage and interest precollege students (grades 9 through 12) in science research and/or teaching, and provide professional development opportunities for their teachers.

Participants gain practice with doing science, broaden and deepen their scientific and technological knowledge and skills, and develop the means to translate and transfer what they have learned into their own classroom practices.

Two initiatives are supported under this program component:

  • Summer HHMI Invitational Institutes:   This program brings University faculty, future and current secondary school teachers and their students together to engage in shared research experiences that align with the California Science Content Standards and exemplify ways by which inquiry-based science may be integrated into the secondary school curriculum.
  • HHMI Research Training Program:   As a collaborative effort involving Cal Poly Pomona, Occidental College, and the Southern California Academy of Sciences, this program expands the number of research opportunities available to local high school students through support of mentored research projects conducted in the laboratories of scientists on a variety of University campuses.