Student Research and Broadening Access To Science

With support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), Cal Poly Pomona has created additional opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research. Whether preparing for or conducting original research, students also participate in a variety of joint activities (e.g. seminars, symposia, and workshops) sponsored by Science Educational Enhancement Services (SEES), various Departments within the College of Science, Science Council, and the California State University Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB).

Three initiatives are supported under this program component:

  • HHMI Faculty-Student Mentor Program:   Through this program, freshman and transfer students are immediately connected with upper-division student and faculty mentors actively pursuing research projects. Weekly mentoring sessions between "generations" (faculty and upper-division students; upper-division students and freshmen), course specific workshops, and shared events interact to build a sense of community and generate interest in the sciences.
  • Experimental Traditions Course Series:   Sophomores are encouraged to enroll in any one of six courses that are part of the Experimental Traditions Series. These lab-based experiences offer hands-on opportunities for students to learn from classic experiments of the past while also exploring current research advances that grew from those discoveries. Learning from past and present-day scientists, students build research skills, connect with research-active faculty, and gain an appreciation for their place in the continuum of scientific experimentation and advancement.
  • HHMI Research-Apprentice Program:   With HHMI support, junior and senior level students are given the opportunity to gain practical research experience and skills by conducting original research within one of four interdisciplinary research clusters. Extended support (up to two years) enables research-apprentices to pursue questions of real significance and to make important contributions to the sciences through publication or presentation of their research results.