HHMI Research-Apprentice Program

The HHMI Research-Apprentice Program is designed to support up to two years of original research by undergraduate students at the junior/senior level. Students may elect to conduct research in one of 4 interdisciplinary research clusters, however, students must consult with a faculty research advisor prior to applying for this program. This research opportunity may be used to by students participating in the University’s Honors Program to complete a Senior Thesis. Students seeking support from the HHMI Research-Apprentice Program should submit an application form, research proposal, personal statement, and a letter of recommendation from their research advisor to Dr. Glenn Kageyama by the spring quarter deadline.

Students accepted to this competitive program, and who demonstrate quarterly progress in meeting goals set by the student and research advisor, will receive stipends of $1,350 per quarter during the academic year and $3,600 for full-time work during the summer. Students may also earn academic credit through concurrent enrollment in upper-division courses designated for these purposes (BIO 400/461/462). Each student will also be provided with a $600 travel allowance to present results at local, regional, national, or international conferences, and host laboratories may seek up to $500 per quarter to cover the cost of supplies. At a minimum, students who participate in this program are expected to present their research results at the spring Undergraduate Research Symposium hosted by the Science Council and supported with funds from the College of Science and HHMI. However, dissemination through senior thesis or publication/presentation outside the University is encouraged and fully supported.

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