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New Post–HHMI Program Survey for all apprentices

November 22, 2009 9:17 AM    Posted by: kbhartney

This survey is for participants in HHMI-sponsored undergraduate research programs at Cal Poly Pomona between 1992 and the present. We have been tracking the career and professional paths of our program participants since 1993. The new on-line form will hopefully facilitate our annual efforts to contact you. The information you provide will be used in our annual report to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

To access the on-line form, log in to the HHMI Members area and then click the Post–HHMI Program Survey link. We encourage you to complete this survey at least once each year to help us in preparing our annual report to HHMI. If you need assistance logging in to the Members area, please contact Dr. Kristine Hartney at

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